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Overwolf allows developers to create extensions for video games
Kledof — 2 years ago
For something that enhances your gaming experience, If it stops you playing the game and you cant do anything in game because it locks you out, then download it for fun times getting banned on competitive.
Greg Sabin — 3 years ago
Overwolf support a bad joke. I just installed overwolf and it says the same thing to me, this really is garbage. No one unlocked anything on my account and I have the proof. As you can see I got zero no slime coins and since I had to download and install wolf I know no previous user unlocked anything. When uninstalling this garbage it said its beta and to contact twitter.com/overwolf for support which means it is a joke program and product. What clown at gamigo decided to bring in this garbage?! Really it does not work right and says stuff has been redeemed that has not been redeemed. At this point this is really just 1 more slap in the face by gamigo, how insulting to us the players!
Floyd Hunter — 3 years ago
Overwolf is an great program that is actively being worked on. It doesn't work with every program, but for that they have a feedback page where you can request support for certain things. That's located at feedback.overwolf.com. The program also has the ability to stream to a twitch account. It offers almost minimum customization for streaming though. I say almost for two reasons: you can view a chat at anytime and you can change the title of your broadcast at anytime. For you streamers that use other programs, you should still consider using Overwolf in conjunction with your streaming program. To my knowledge, Overwolf works with most, if not all, streaming programs. It has the ability to see a chat - while in the game, and change the title - while in-game is awesome! I've done this with Nvidia's ShadowPlay. What this review lacks though is explaining its use more than just a social media tool. While the social media combination in Overwolf is amazing, there are far more uses for this program. They have a notepad - which is good for jotting down ideas or plans for something you wanna do later on in a game or even keeping a checklist for w.e reason. A basic Calculator for the reasons of needing a calculator without alt+tab-ing. A music app that can connect to various different players and control your music from within the game.There's even an app that allows you to view your teammates screen while in a game - even if they don't have the program installed (It was community made too and I believe that's how it works). This program has a lot of potential besides the social media side. Not a lot of people use social media either. I've seen someone once complain about the program saying that it's a social tool and basically useless to him because all he uses is steam. They have an app for that though. lol. Overall, Overwolf is great! There are a ton of different uses and it takes more then a few paragraphs to explain why its great. I've been using the app for a long time now (at least a year, maybe two, not sure). It's become one of those must-have things for me due to the sheer Quality of Life improvements to my gaming experiences.
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